Author LOKESH OHRI in conversation with Poet HIMANSHU JOSHI

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." - Salvador Dali
Anthropologist and Author Mr. Lokesh Ohri in conversation with Poet, Musician, film maker, vocalist of Indian Ocean band Mr. Himanshu Joshi.
Two very inspiring and passionate artists who have not only done some great work but also have some wonderful stories to tell.
शहर और गांव में अतीत की तारीख तलाशते लोकेश ओहरी से मिलिए। मिला रहे हैं इंडियन ओशन बैंड के प्रमुख गायक और संस्कृतिकर्मी हिमांशु जोशी।