IIT Delhi startups, antiviral T-shirts

IIT Delhi startups launch COVID-19 protection lotion, antiviral T-shirts

Updated: Oct 3,2020,12:53 AM IST Achhakaam.com


New Delhi: Two startups incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology here have together launched antiviral T-shirts and a COVID-19 protection lotion at affordable prices, according to officials.The products, which are part of an antiviral kit, were unveiled by institute Director V Ramgopal Rao on Friday. The two startups areE-TEX and Clensta. The kit consists of a novel Clensta protection lotion, hand sanitiser, E-TEX Kawach Antiviral T-Shirt and Kawach Mask. The products have been backed by experts from Chemical and Textile department of IIT, Delhi.

According to officials, the antiviral fabric designed by startup E-TEX, has been designed using advanced technology which reduces the likelihood and speed of contaminations and transmissions by destroying micro-organisms on contact. The antimicrobial property of the garment remains effective even after 30 washes at mild condition. The finishing is done on cellulosic fibres, which is safe for human contact and on the environment.

"The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing for an all-time-high demand of multi-functional anti-viral and microbial apparels. Developing cost-effective bio-clothing with antiviral and antimicrobial functionalities through local resources and resilient manufacturing can deactivate the viral threats, can efficiently stop or slow the spread of the virus. "Further, this will boost the local economy for textile and garment sectors," said Bipin Kumar, Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi.

Kumar explained that the COVID-19 Protection Lotion launched by the start up named "Clensta" offers 99.9 per cent virus protection with antiviral and antiseptic properties for up to 24 hours. "The product is a breakthrough advancement in the formulation of engineering chemistry with first of its kind PAP Technology (Prolonged Antiviral Technology) to prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections without harming the environment and human health and advanced hand sanitiser is formulated with increased alcohol retention time to be effective prevention against multiple viruses," he said.

"The product can be used over any exposed part of the body including face and hands. The application of the product keeps users safe from viruses by disrupting it for almost 24 hours and reduces the extended use of alcohol-based sanitizers and washing hands multiple times a day," he added. India's COVID-19 caseload inched closer to 64 lakh-mark with 81,484 infections reported in a day, while the number of people who recuperated from the disease crossed 53 lakh pushing the recovery rate to 83.70 per cent, the Union Health ministry said on Friday.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country mounted to 63,94,068, while the death toll climbed to 99,773 with the infection claiming 1,095 lives in a span of 24 hours, according to the ministry data updated at 8 am on Friday. 

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