Rudra Rana, Mohalla Classes Amid COVID-19

Mohalla Classes Amid COVID-19: Know How Chhattisgarh Teacher Brought School To Students Doorstep

Updated: Sep 19,2020,06:43 PM IST Unnati Khandelwal


Korea(Chhattisgarh): A teacher in the Korea District of Chhattisgarh, conducts 'mohalla classes' for the students as they don't have the reach to the online classes amid coronavirus pandemic.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic followed by lockdown in India and all over the world, schools have adopted the virtual method of teaching to conduct classes. Students who cannot afford technology or smartphones to attend online classes have left astray with no solution, as it earlier seemed like."As students can't go to schools, I'm bringing education to their doorstep.Many students don't have access 
to online education, so this is helpful," told Rudra Rana, a government school teacher, who's overwhelmed by the situation his students were going through and understands the importance of classes during the pandemic.

Teacher Rudra Rana travels on his bike with a blackboard strapped around his motorcycle to help children and educate them by holding 'mohalla' classes. He thought of his method as it ensures the safety of both teachers and students as there is no physical contact. "I have also kept a blackboard, books and placards with me. I ring the bell and then students come, just like the normal school routine, then students perform their prayers and we start with the classes as per syllabus," he told. 

Mr Rana, the passionate teacher, travels from one region to another to gather his students. He educates them about the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus and their subjects. Students are also coming forward with this approach and showing interest while even the locals are appreciating the initiative, he expressed."The umbrella on my bike represents a new way of educating students. It also protects me from heat and rain," he beautifully added.

Shilp, who is one of the students of Rudra Rana, opened about the importance of these classes taken by his teacher during the pandemic,"We get to learn a lot from these classes. Sir comes here daily and teaches us and also answers our doubts. We are enjoying this method of teaching." "Sir teaches us different concepts and later we study them on our own. We miss school but this concept is also nice as it feels just like we're at school," said Suraj, another student.
Earlier, Ashok Lodhi, also a government school teacher, with his efforts and passion towards educating students, pleased many as he travelled on his bike with an LED TV to educate children via cartoons and music. He had also accepted loads of praises, and gratitude of many for his unique approach and was nicknamed 'Cinema Wale Babu' by the local residents of the Korea district.

The Chhattisgarh government had earlier launched an online portal, 'Padhai Tuhar Duar', amid the tough conditions of pandemic.Through that, education is being provided to students stuck at their homes amid the lockdown. The state government took the scheme further in August and introduced 'Padhai Tuhar Para', with the objective to teach children with the help of community in their localities and villages.            (Source credit : Agency)

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