Shahnawaz Shaikh : SOURCE: Ken Folios

Covid Warrior : No pleasure can be compared to the pleasure of saving a life

Updated: Sep 16,2020,12:07 AM IST


Mumbai  :  The COVID 19 pandemic has affected a plethora of lives around the world and the situation keeps exacerbating with each passing day. Augmenting unemployment is making it difficult for people to avail medical facilities. In these distressed times, Shahnawaz Shaikh from Mumbai took the onus of helping people. “No pleasure can be compared to the pleasure of saving a life, and that is why I decided of giving up on all the materialistic things and helping the patients instead” asserted Shahnawaz.

It is known that the pandemic has affected the availability of beds in hospitals. Shahnawaz witnessed a myriad of them losing their family members because they weren’t able to get a bed at a hospital. In addition to this, the access to an oxygen cylinder is pertinent because most of the patients could be saved if the oxygen levels are taken care of once the health starts deteriorating.

Since the inception of the lockdown, Shahnawaz had been distributing food, rational items, milk, etc to the people in need. He spent all his savings and even indulged in borrowing some amount from his peers to continue the social work. “One fine day my friend called me and said that his 6 months old pregnant sister has passed away because of no immediate medical attention and that she and the baby could have been alive if her oxygen levels were taken care of. That broke me down and enabled me to take the initiative” said Shahnawaz remembering the incident which coerced him to start this work.

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