Neelakanta Bhanu prakash

Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash the National pride breaks the record of Shakuntala Devi

Updated: Sep 15,2020,11:57 PM IST Navya


New Delhi : Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash became the fastest Human

calculator at the age of 20, breaking Shakuntala devi’s and
Scott Flansburg. He won a gold medal in the Mental
Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympiad
which was held in London.
He says that aer meeting with an accident, in which he had
met with head injury with seventy stitches a new journey of
him began from puzzles to abacus then he learnt taking up
arithmetics as a skill and competitions.

Reasons for becoming fastest human calculator:

He says some of the reasons for achieving this are 

● Giving importance to mental stamina 

● Continuous Computation 

● Being away from all the noise with peace of mind 

● For him maths is like a sport and this sportiveness led him known to the entire world.

Inspirations and Aims

● Bhanu prakash was inspired by Srinivasa Ramanujam and
is the follower of him with a grand vision of using his skills
and abilities to reach millions of children in the country.
● He aims “To eradicate math phobia in the country,
”and he also runs a startup named Exploring infinities,
with a team of 30 members in Hyderabad.
● The aim of the startup was to make children fall in love
with math using experiential methods and visualisation
● Bhanu Prakash also envisions creating “Vision math labs.”
● He wishes to increase the popularity of brain training
among children.
● Fastest human calculator aims at inspiring children to
learn in future also.
● He hopes that prime minister Narendra Modi will take an
initiative that will put India back on the “global map of
● Bhanu Prakash's father wishes for brain training and
arithmetic workouts among children to inspire them to
learn math, and pursue it as sport to bring back more
Gold medals in the coming days.

Awards and Rewards
● Bhanu prakash holds four world records and 50 Limca
records for his fastest mathematics calculations, proving
that continuous practice makes complicated calculations
simple and easy.
● He has the aim of taking India to the global level of
Mathematics and at the Mind Sports Olympiad held at
London on August 15, 2020. India for the first time won a
gold medal for his skills and abilities.
● In the olympiad there were 30 participants from 13
various countries but finally Bhanu prakash won the gold
medal and also revealed that he was required to perform
more calculations to prove his accuracy which is really an
inbuilt spirit. He believes that for any country to develop
and thrive globally, numeracy is a very crucial skill just as
● BBC said that “Neelakanta Bhanu prakash is to Math,” as
“Usain Bolt is to running.” Bhanu proved to be the pride
of India as he is the first person to win a gold medal at
Mind Sports Olympics.
● He not only stands with an array of awards and rewards
but also with a vision and mission to enlighten the young
minds eradicating the fear of math.
● Bhanu prakash wishes to instil a sense of enjoyment
when children learn mathematically and all of his work is
to make it a reality.

Practice makes man Perfect

Bhanu prakash is the greatest
inspiration to all the young minds to overcome their fears and
turn your fears into regular actions which would make
complications and complexities simpler and easiest. Strive
hard to thrive yourself and learn from your weaknesses.
Bhanu Prakash proved that “Practice makes man Perfect.”

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